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Iritty the land of two rivers

Before the name 'Iritty,' made the first cry, this land was nourished by two main rivers, one Barapuzha and Bavalipuzha . People started calling both the rivers confluence as Iratta puzha ( Double River & 'Puzha' means River ), and in course of time the land became Iritty...

Iritty , one of the beautiful hill side towns in the north Malabar of Kerala. The beauty of Iritty lies together with the unique rivers, streams, green hills and valleys. The main Streams of Iritty river are by the three rivers such as Bavali river, Aralam river and Veni river.


Starts from the Kottappuram mala in Karnataka, and flows 20 km through Aralam wild life sanctuary to reach Ayyappankavu, where Aralam River meets Bavali. It is when Aralam River joins Bavali, becomes the wider and deeper Iritty River.

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Other major stream of Iritty river is Veni River ( Barapuzha - Vallithode river ). That starts from Makkuttam - forest and one branch coming from Karnataka forest through Peratta that joins at Koottupuzha to form Vallithode river. Veni river meets Aralam-Bavali river at Vattiyara near Iritty. From this confluence, they flow 8 km towards west to reach the Kuyilur Barrage of Pazhassi Dam ( Pazhassi-Irrigation Project ) and flows uninterrupted during monsoon season.

Madathil-Pattaram Bridge

 pattaram madathil iritty edoor connecting bridge

Aralam Bridge

 aralam Bridge Iritty Peravoor Route

Vazhayil Bridge

vazhayil bridge - iritty- vallithode