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Unity, harmony and in together ecstasy is the commonality of the public. Peace loving, broad minded and helpful. This is same with the culture of India and prominent style of Kerala that Hindu, Muslim and Christian live together like families in a small village...

The Christians are Migrants from Travancore (from the present Trivandrum to near center Kerala) and Cochin - Trichur regions. They decided to stay in this silent valley before and the early stage of Indian Independence from the British (1940's).

Other communities are descendants of the local and primitive people occupied in the forest or in the farm lands. 'Paniyas' are the hill tribes. Before the Indian independence they lived in forests collecting fruits and roots. They had their own culture. They don't have the habit of cultivation. They used a certain dialects as their l anguage. Their dwellings were cages and small cottages. Another group 'Karimbalas' used to live in colonies; making small houses, using bows and arrows. They have a unique skill of collecting forest honey from the deadly bees without disturbing them.

Now previous styles have changed, Government is having special interest in their development and improved lifestyles, providing free land and free education together with special attention and support. Now they are Scheduled Caste & Tribe of Malabar.

2011 Election Result: : Peravoor

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Kerala State Assembly Election Results and Lok Sabha Election Results.
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2014 (16th LOK SABHA) Election Result: