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WED, DEC 28, 2011

Location Identity Message : Its amazing !!! finding the regions.

THU, DEC 22, 2011

Subject : Creative Contributions Message : Greetings! Wish you all seasonal Greetings! it is my humbly feeling,if you alow to post poems and other literary works on this site,then it might be more popula...isn't it? Thanks Best Regards Ashraf Basheer Uliyil

Oct 24, 2011
Jins.Thomas Bangalore

Subject : Very Good Message : While browsing this site, I feel very nice.......

Oct 23, 2011
Sarath KS Duabai

Ulikkal Working as a IT admin in Private company

Oct 21, 2011 haripriya

Subject : kalarichiktsa hospitals Message : Sir Can you please say whether there is any kalarichiktsa hospitals in Iritty for nerve complaints?Its very urgent.Please reply

Oct 19, 2011 Vinoy Chandy Riyadh KSA - Nuchiyad, Ulikkal

Message : Your effort is highly appreciable and would like to inform you that iritty doesn'nt have history without Ulikkal area its new MLA is from ulikkal side So, it is my kind request to add some details of this area and the history of kalliad yeshmans. thanking you, With regards Vinoy Chandy

Hospital Jeevani Ayurveda Kasargod


Oct 15, 2011 Dani Antony Ulickal Message : excellent work congrats

Oct 10, 2011 Joseph C Pulliyil Texas USA : Iritty Ulikkal

Message : I am a permanent resident of Pulliyil House Nellicampoyil Ulikkal Post. Please include me in the NRI directory Thanks

Oct 6, 2011 sarin sukumar a - pune iritty: electronic design engineer . ni logic pvt ltd, pune

Oct 2, 2011 Shameer - uliyil Subject : very good :

Message : wow! what a beuitiful...i cant bilv it

SEP: 2011

Sep 4, 2011 Robin M Chacko Iritty Message : Hai iritty team...thanks a lot for the creation of this beatiful and amazing website...

Sep 1, 2011 Vilson Joy- Abudhabi- Vallithode-kannur Message : Fantastic creation about our small town Iritty. Best wishes to the creators


Aug 31, 2011 Binujith Sebastian - Ireland kacherykkadavu

Aug 30, 2011 K.Mohan - Vattiyara / Tabuk, saudi arabia Message : yeh appreciated. great job you guys. go to more deeper areas/ remote villages nearby, get some pics of aralam bridge, rivers, shores etc. try to add a pic of the very joining view of both of the rivers at in front of police station. and u will get a same joining of two rivers if u go to aralam (parampathekandy)...congrats neways! u done well. go on..

Aug 29, 2011 |shafeer - uliyil | about nadan pictures Message : very nice & really attractive

Aug 27, 2011 Basheer alhind - iritty incomplete : Message : travel map,tourist points,important institutions,and travel agents etc may be added

Aug 25, 2011 Rejoy Singapore

Message : it's a wonderful work ...... congrats to the team behind this work!!!! and try to upload more photos.

Aug 23, 2011
Sarath Dubai

Put smthing more abt temples .Message : IHi team pls add more details abt Temples


Subject : inaugral function of iritty bridge.1933 Message : No doubt it's a wonderful collection.

Aug 17, 2011
Shaju Nelloor Mysore

Beautiful portal Hai, TEAM IRITTY a wonderful work , thanks for the efforts and try to Add latest incidents and photos .

Aug 10, 2011
Vivek P Keezhur
Good job | Message : great work............!

Aug 08, 2011 SHAFEER.A.P Uliyil

Photo | Nice pictures, really jealous about iritty because ??? i know irtty is really beautifull

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JULY 2011

Jul 29, 2011 - MURAD IRITTY - AL AIN - Message : GOD'S OWN CITY Jul 26, 2011 - Lalu - Thanthode

Subject : update the site ; Lot of changes happened in iritty and other place nearby iritty. where you stared still there. Recently not updated the site. for Example real estate messages are still old news. also when you are upload the real estate messages please mentioed the date also. so any body can understand this is valid or not.

Jul 26, 2011 - Jyothish Madhavan - Doha,Qatar

Subject : Wonderfull Message : Its a wonderful effort put by the team to make a site like this. Before many of my colleagues here in doha asked me about my native and now I am simply suggesting this link to them to explain my native. And more over its mind refreshing to most the people staying far from the native to go through this link.Thanks to the team and keep ur good work..

Jul 26, 2011 - Jithin K g Keezhpally photo galary | evidirunnayalum ente nadu kanmalloo??


Message : First of all I want to thank the whole crew of Team Iritty for giving such a wonderful matter about our own Iritty.The contents are excellent and lay out very attractive. All the best for the entire team 'TEAM IRITTY".

Jul 17, 2011 - sathyan nambiar - dubai

Message : my heartiest congratulations on your well effort to made a beautiful website for iritty. thx

Jul 16, 2011 - Dhanesh kanadan location : muscat very good | Message : Its intresting and very nice,

Jul 15, 2011 - sarika uliyil - awesome!

Message : congrats team iritty. its very nice. pls add more photos of mundayam parambu temple..

Jul 12, 2011 -
Deepak George - Kolikkadave

Subject : congrats Message : Well done brothers...You people have done a great job especially for the people who are away from their native town... my hearty congratulations to entire team.. and i have a small suggestion,it will be good to upload the news toooo... thanks

Jul 6, 2011 - Sivimon C V - Chennai - Subject : Great

Message : Great to see this, congratulations for those have taken initiative

Jul 6, 2011 - Jismon Joseph - Bangalore - Karikkottakari, Iritty

Jul 5, 2011 - george - iritty - agreculture land need

Message : hai ' i am loking for two acre bare land between iritty to edoor within 5 to7lakha per acre for rubber plantation thank you george

Jul 3, 2011 - Angiras - Iritty Payam - Thanks

Message : It is very nice to see ur website. Best wishes to each of your team....

Jul 2, 2011
Rahul - Punnad

Message : This site is awesome. I dont know who maintains this site, but i gotta say, u guys are doing a great job. As some1 mentioned early, the pictures in this site brings alot of nostalgic memories back..

JUNE 2011

Jun 26, 2011
samee - kannur

Subject : adding   |   Message : you should try to add all the contact details and numbers like schools and offices and most peoples

Jun 26, 2011 - Babu Anithittathil - Kalluvayal

Iritty : Message : Present residence and work in Doha-State of Qatar.

Jun 9, 2011 - Joshin - Bangalore Message : site well maintained!! good work :)

Jun 8, 2011 - Manju n reddy - bangalore - about irrity Message : i dint expect irrity is this much buttiful .!!


Subject : Wrong mention of Kacherikadavu bridge as the one Message : It is wrongly mentioned that Kacherikadavu bridge as the one of brittish era. If you are mentioning the Valavupara bridge it is made by Kerala Govt. and I was present during the inaguration.

Jun 2, 2011 - Razakp Aralam - tourism Message : huaaau wondarful job.! tanks for all members

MAY 2011

May 29, 2011 - vinod- Lalu - kuwait - iritty- thanthode

Message : thanthode, nearby Udaya timber Depot.May 29, 2011 - Joseph puthenkandathil Kuwait Joseph Puthenkandathil, Angadikadave

May 28, 2011 - - iritty

May 28, 2011 - anish thomas - allahabad - edoor - : Message : edoor p.o.

May 21, 2011
ajesh - ulikkal
i expecting more details of ulikkal

May 18, 2011 - A D SHINEED - THIRUVODE - KOZHIKKODE- tourism Message : good. Be updated

APRIL 2011

Apr 29, 2011
Dr. Jose Michael - Vattiamthodu

Marvellous initiative Message : While browsing through I happened to see this site. I should acknowledge it as a marvellous initiative. Far away from home town for long years and reading about my place, yes, it gives a real nostalgic feeling. Thanks for the endeavour and request you to upload recent info.

Apr 27, 2011 Sreeraj | UAE Subject : good Message : very gud work.... and interesting .......

Apr 18, 2011 - Sibi Mathew Bangalore Comments : Congrats T E A M I R I T T Y | Wonderful....!

Apr 9, 2011 - Manu George

Comments : hey,your works are excellent. it would be nice if you include places like kacheikkadav,Edoor church,Karikkottakari and their holding schools,photographs and all. i can provide you to contact

MARCH 2011

Mar 27, 2011
Rasheed Kappadan
Good Work .!

Mar 23, 2011 - Rajesh | Irrity Comments : very nice and intersting

Mar 22, 2011
Comments : In the Ist photo Gallery.

Mar 21, 2011 - Jiji N Chacko| Comments : very good work

Mar 18, 2011 - Arun P Job | Comments: Add more about edoor

Mar 15, 2011 LALSON JOSEPH | UK

Comments: Pics in the gallerey are spectacular!! great job! I'm missing my hometown..

Mar 13, 2011 - Liju Sunny

Comments : Awesome...nothng else to say about ma place. Love Liju Sunny HR Officer Technical Metal Industrial Co LLC Abu Dhabi

Mar 06, 2011 - Syam SebastianComments- kollam......


Feb 22, 2011
Rareesh Varnam NP Road - Iritty

Comments : Your job is wonderfull "congradulation" please add some photos in theyyam | Ahemadabad - Gujrat

Feb 21, 2011
Nidheesh P V
Comments :- wow nice

Feb 11, 2011
Chinju Jose

It's very good. Please add more details of our places.

Feb 4, 2011 Liju Thomas

Comments: About including photos: Please include more pictures of mundayamparamba bhagavathi temple... as soon as possible.. hope u will do it fast .. hve a nice day

Feb 1, 2011 | Shyam Kumar

Comments : It is very nice to see ur portal. Best wishes to each of your team. I would like to share with you that Sree Mundayamparamba Temple opening days, dates, festival dates and even temple telephone nos are very little known amongst most of us. Older generation peoples know the days and dates of rituals. If your portal kindly provide the days, dates and even festival dates, which would be highly appreciable and certainly would be good help. I will appreciate if you mail me the details in my e-mail ID. Once again best wishes to each of your team members.


Jan 28, 2011 | JOMON JOSEPH

Comments: Hai team you have done a very good job.proud of you guys..

Jan 28, 2011 | Zakariya Vallithode

Comments: thank you ente nadine lokathinu munpil thurannuvachathin

Jan 28, 2011 | Muthalib | Iritty

Comments : ee puzhayum palavum ennum marakkanpatatha ormakalan eepalathin thazheyan ante veedue

Jan 11, 2011 | Dr.Srivalson

Comments: I am interested in knowing more about iritty

Jan 9, 2011 | Shaiju Manayil

Comments: very very good...beautyfull...I Like this website

Jan 9, 2011 Sujesh Iritty Comments : super i like,carry on